Wikked Gypsy 'Bed Of Flesh'

Wikked Gypsy 'Bed Of Flesh'

Demon Doll Records

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1. Bed Of Flesh 
2. The Other Side
3. Shoot Me Down Again
4. Sad Songs
5. City Groans
6. Glass Houses
7. Emotion #1
8. Late For Dinner
9. These Pages Turn
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The 19 year wait is over! Sunset Strip's Glam Rock Bad Boys WIKKED GYPSY have finally released their material on CD! Their debut album 'Bed Of Flesh' is now available! Demon Doll Records have once again gone to the vaults and teamed up with Wikked Gypsy to release some of the hottest glam & sleaze to ever come slithering off the strip.

WIKKED GYPSY reigned supreme in the late 80's and early 90's and developed a cult following throughout the

Hollywood area helping to sell out shows at the Roxy and The Whiskey A Go Go! With this release, Steph, Ash and the Wicked Boys dial it up to 10 as they unleash their seven most prominent songs including "Bed Of Flesh", "Sad Songs", "Shoot Me Down Again" & "City Groans", plus 2 never before released Bonus Tracks "Late For Dinner" & "These Pages Turn"

If your a fan of Vain & Motley Crue, then Wikked Gypsy is a must have for you! This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band.