USED Blackboard Jungle 'I Like It Alot' Limited Edition Cover

USED Blackboard Jungle 'I Like It Alot' Limited Edition Cover

DDR Music Group/ Metal Legacy

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USED CD's may have imperfections such as creased or dented booklets, lyrics in booklets may be in wrong order, lightly scuffed CD's. All play fine.
1. Chicago
2. Everybody Talk About
3. Forever You & I
4. An Old Friend
5. Generation
6. This Time Last Year
7. I Like It Alot
8. Paint You A Picture
9. The Prettiest Ones
10. Teach Yourselves To Fly
11. River Of Love
12. California
13. Band Intro/ Sound of our Lives
14. Shade Of Fall
15. Villa Carrena
16. Slave
17. Hope and Water (Live)
18. I Like It Alot (Live)
19. Car I Can't Drive (Live Alt.)

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Limited edition cover release of 'I Like It Alot' by BLACKBOARD JUNGLE. This release comes packaged in 6 panel booklet with lyrics to the original 12 songs.

You asked for them - we got them. We are proud to present a Hollywood classic from arguably one of the hottest bands to ever grace the Sunset Strip - BLACKBOARD JUNGLE!!

You wanted 'I Like It Alot' - we got it.

You wanted never released studio and live tracks - we got them.

Blackboard Jungle and The DDR Music Group have teamed up to bring you the official 19th Anniversary edition of the cult smash hit 'I Like It Alot'. This version is brimming with 19 killer cuts, spanning over 74 minutes - it is one large triumph for Hollywood Rock 'N' Roll!

The album that gave us such great anthems as "Chicago" and "Paint You A Picture" is back, digitally restored and remastered with 7 Bonus Tracks that will blow your mind.

Produced by Faster Pussycat's Brent Muscat and originally released in 1991, this album has been long out of print until now!

Also included are the never released studio tracks "Car I Can't Drive", "Shade Of Fall" and "Slave" which are worth the price of admission alone. If that weren't enough, we are offering a LIMITED EDITION COVER as well as the original cover and artwork.

Some words to describe Blackboard Jungle taken from Rock City News include:

"Kick Ass", "Special", "Rock Stars", "Best In Town", "Energetic", "Superb", "Great Songs", "Magnificent" and "Extraordinary".

Pick up your copy today and join the masses! This album is silver pressed and exclusively available @ The DDR Music Group. Shipping Worldwide!