The Rejects 'Love Songs For People Who Hate'

The Rejects 'Love Songs For People Who Hate'

Demon Doll Records

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1. Makes Me Hate
2. The Radio Song
3. Suffocate
4. Shez Gonna Go
5. Bastard Avenue
6. I Hate...
7. Punk On Junk
8. You Suck
9. Alice is Dead
10. Mommyz in Rehab
11. Letz Fuck
12. I Used To Be In Love (Changed My Mind)
13. Put Out or Get Out
14. Jokes On You
15. Nobody Special
16. Shut Up and Fuck
17. Love Junk (I Don't Want Your)

Demon Doll Records and founding member and front man Dizzy Draztik have teamed up to finally release the first ever recordings of the Glam Punk bastards THE REJECTS. Featuring Mr. Pathetic (Slipknot's Joey Jordison) on guitar, this album is blistering with 17 tracks that will literally make your head explode. This is as twisted as it comes and we are proud to finally bring the album 'Love Songs For People Who Hate' to the masses after 17 long years!!

This stuff is straight up sick and is very comparable to the sound of what the Murderdolls would develop, minus the horror themed lyrics. Every note is pulsating with junkie gutter sleaze that Dizzy picked up on the streets of Hollywood (and we are sure that is not the only thing he picked up off those city streets).

Dig into the fist slammin' "'Makes Me Hate'', "Punk on Junk", "Suffocate", "Shez Gonna Go', "Bastard Avenue" as well as the glorious "The Radio Song" (truly one of the coolest songs we've ever heard!) and you'll understand why this band created such a stir across the globe.

If your a fan of the Glamour Punks, you will love this record and you will love this band!

A statement from Dizzy from 2002:

“After 7 years of ignoring trends, setting new standards, pissing off parents and breaking virtually every rule laid out in front of them, Des Moines, Iowa-based glamour punk sensations THE REJECTS are going their separate ways, amicably.

“Originally formed in 1995 by front man and main lyricist Dizzy Draztik and (then soon to be) SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison on guitar, THE REJECTS set out to destroy common conception and knowledge of what was, and has grown to be a trend-filled, flavor-of-the-month music scene.

“Combining an over-the-top image and stage show with razor-sharp guitars, a rhythm section like a gang beating and the twisted lyrics and observations of Dizzy Draztik, the band offered a welcome alternative to shoe gazing college rock dreamers and track suit clad pre teens more than willing to jump the latest band wagon.

“Sold-out shows, arrests, pornography, chemical abuse, violence and the ability to blow ears off of heads with their songs, the band rose to the challenge of making it out of Des Moines, to take on the world.... and then self-destruct."

What more can we say, get your copy today before these sell out, doesn't get any more rare or cool then this! This CD is silver pressed and officially licensed from Dizzy Draztik. Shipping worldwide!!