Law and Order 'The Glass House' 2014 Reissue

Law and Order 'The Glass House' 2014 Reissue

Demon Doll Records

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1. Sold
2. When It All Comes Down
3. Blind Guides
4. The Pouring
5. Like Animals
6. The Pain Is Gone
7. Never Satisfied
8. In The Middle
9. Memphis
10. The Crushing Weight
11. Four Walls
12. Recognized

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Demon Doll Records have teamed up with the legendary New York Rock band LAW AND ORDER to reissue their third album 'The Glass House'.

Releasing two critically acclaimed albums through MCA Records, the band garnered much attention worldwide with significant MTV airplay from their two hit singles "We Don't See God" and "Soul Inside". The band also received a KKKKK review (the highest honor) in the UK's infamous Kerrang Magazine, as well as touring nationwide with some of the industry's biggest bands.

Initially recorded in 1992, 'The Glass House' grabs you right from the start and never let goes. The pure bone crushing fury of the opening track "Sold" to the closing cuts of "Recognized" - this record brings the band right back to where they left off.

Guitarist Phil Allocco elaborates: "The band had lived together and the record was recorded in the house we lived in. It was a true collaboration — written, recorded and produced together. Much more experimental than the previous records, it was the band discovering our own voice. Due to the lack of support from MCA at the time, the band tried to get off the label — when the label refused to drop us, we declared bankruptcy to break all our contracts under the advice of our management. Soon after that our house burnt down, and we decided to end it before releasing the record."

Never officially released in the United States, the record finally gets it day in the sun 22 years later.

This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and now available through Demon Doll Records. Shipping Worldwide!