Joey C. Jones 'Best Of Volume One'

Joey C. Jones 'Best Of Volume One'

Demon Doll Records

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1. I Can Wait All Night 
2. Summer Song
3. She Loves
4. Plastic Grin 
5. 30 Silver More
6. Space Fatigue 
7. Arsenic Bubblegum
8. Over and Over Again
9. The Role You Know So Well 
10. A Thousand Bitter Days 
11. Hey Strawberry
12. Falling Star Potion
13. Gimme Help (Euphoria)
14. All I Need To Know
15. Re-evolve 
16. Broadway 
17. Kiss the World 
18. Sensation of the Ages
19. It's Everywhere 
20. Castles in the Sky
21. Comin' On

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Come one, come all - enter the world of JOEY C. JONES!

After successfully teaming up to reissue Joey's original band Sweet Savage, The DDR Music Group and the front main extraordinaire are at it once again to unleash a 21 song epic collection entitled 'Best Of Volume One'. Spanning from his days fronting Shock Tu, Joey C. Jones & The Gloryhounds and many of his recent projects, this album has a little bit of everything for a whole lot of people.

With writing credits including songs written by Joey and Mark St. John (KISS), C.C. Deville (POISON) and Rick Nielsen (CHEAP TRICK) it's obvious to say there are some amazingly crafted songs on this release. Helping with that crafting are producers Robin Zander & Rick Nielsen (CHEAP TRICK) as well as Dito Godwin (MOTLEY CRUE, NO DOUBT).

From the man that took Los Angeles by storm in the mid 80's and graced the cover of every major Rock magazine across the globe comes 21 songs that will blow you away. Dig your teeth into the Cheap Trick esque "I Can Wait All Night" as well as the hook laden "Summer Song" and "Over And Over Again" as well as the Led Zeppelin esque "Comin' On and "She Loves" - and you have yourself the making of a monster release - and that is only 6 songs!. This is a great collection for all lovers of Rock N' Roll...there is not a base that Mr. Jones does not cover on this record and it is an ode to his talent as a producer, songwriter and mind boggling vocalist.

Highly recommended listening and highly addictive!

This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from Joey C. Jones and exclusively available from The DDR Music Group