Jetboy 'Now and Then'

Jetboy 'Now and Then'

Demon Doll Records

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1. Dogs Gotta Roam
2. Goin Down (Above The Clouds)
3. Perfectly Wrong
4. Stomp It (Down To The Bricks)
5. Heavy Chevy
6. Evil
7. Bullfrog Pond
8. Feel The Shake
9. Make Some Noise
10. Snakebite
11. One Night Stand
12. I Wanna Be A Millionaire
13. No Limit
14. Dying Inside
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Sit back, press play on youtube and check out JETBOY'S hit videos "Feel The Shake" and "Evil" - tell us these guys aren't one of the coolest bands ever!!!

JETBOY have inked a deal with Demon Doll Records to get to the heart of the matter that makes JETBOY one of the best hook and look bands to ever set sail from San Francisco into your living rooms.

"Now and Then" pushes the pedal down with digitally re-mastered versions of their biggest hits, "Feel The Shake", "Make Some Noise" and "Snakebite" from their 1988 Billboard Charting debut "Feel The Shake" as well as "Stomp It (Down To The Bricks), "Evil", "Heavy Chevy" and "Bullfrog Pond" from their 1990 Sophomore Release "Damned Nation". This is the first time JETBOY has ever offered a release of this kind.

14 songs encompass the disc that will bring you back to the glory days and feed your appetite with every great song the band has ever put to tape. From the early days of '86 to the new hit sensations of '88. From MTV-Headbangers Ball cover boys to the resurrection of Mickey, Billy, Fernie and the boys in 2010 - we've got all the good stuff covered! And if that weren't enough, we got a new, never released bonus track, "Dying Inside" that will make your head spin!! This is a must have for every Glam & Sleaze fan on the planet.

We think it's safe to say that JETBOY have left their mark on the Glam & Sleaze scene for generations to come and “Now and Then” is your total package into that world that we still believe is one of the greatest eras of Rock 'N' Roll History! So get out the hairspray, crack open the Jack Daniels, light that cigarette and get ready for the JETBOY party that never ends!

This album is silver pressed and officially licensed from the band. Order your copy today, exclusively available from Shipping Worldwide!