Glorious Bankrobbers 'Dynamite Sex Doze' 2018 Reissue

Glorious Bankrobbers 'Dynamite Sex Doze' 2018 Reissue

Demon Doll/ Metal Legacy Records

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Catalog # DDR134/ML034
UPC # 680044883694
Label: DDR Music Group/Metal Legacy
1. Crazy Sioux!
2. Spitfire
3. Dynamite Sex Doze
4. Young Alcoholic
5. End Of Dawn
6. Love To Come
7. Hairdown
8. Good 'n' Bad
9. I'm Eighteen
10. Highway Race
11. Small Operations

Embed for Dynamite Sex Doze 2018 Reissue

The BANKROBBERS are back for another round!

Demon Doll & Metal Legacy Records could not be more proud to have the GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS back for round two with the official reissue of their second full length album 'Dynamite Sex Doze'.

This album is slammin' from front to back. The boys bring a little more heat and lot more sleaze to the table and deliver a knock out punch! Veering away from their earlier punk influences, the BANKROBBERS get down and dirty bringing a little bit of blues and a whole lot of straight up melodic Sleaze Rock!

From he opening chords of "Crazy Sioux" to the radio ready feel of "Dynamite Sex Doze" to the excellent cover of Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen"...the band is hitting on all cylinders. It reminds us of a cross between Jetboy and Hanoi Rocks with a hint of Southgang thrown in for good measure,

Their first record was really good, their second record is just simply great! Highly recommended listening! Very intoxicating - do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery while listening to this record. You've been warned :)

This release is digitally remastered and repackaged in an eight page booklet with a full set of lyrics.

This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and exclusively available from Demon Doll Records.