Geisha 'Youth Stand Tall'

Geisha 'Youth Stand Tall'

Demon Doll/ Metal Legacy Records

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1. U Got What It Takes
2. Claws Of Sin
3. Shock Rock School
4. Gangland Sector 21
5. Alive & Scratching
6. The Underworld
7. S & M Youth
8. House of Carnivores
9. Bleed To Me
10. Fangoria
11. Dust Till Dawn
12. Kamikaze King

Embed for Youth Stand Tall

In the mood for some serious 80's Glam Metal Shock Rock?

Well get ready as we are all heading to "Shock Rock School"!

You asked and asked and asked and we have delivered - GEISHA is officially here.

You wanted all the songs from "Phantasmagoria” - we got them!

You wanted the unreleased tracks from "Transform and Conform" - we got them!

Which all leads up to the ultimate GEISHA release "Youth Stand Tall", proudly released by The DDR Music Group and Metal Legacy Records.

Armed with the looks and hooks most bands could only dream about, these mid 80's bad boys turned Glam Metal on its head with their insane mixture of KISS, VINNIE VINCENT INVASION, W.A.S.P. and ALICE COOPER. They simply annihilate the masses with one classic anthem after another.

Just wait till you sink your teeth into "U Got What It Takes", "S & M Youth" and "Claws Of Sin" - if you don’t feel a bit like you have harkened back to the days of the KISS masterpiece "Destroyer", you might need to get your ears checked.

Ripping their way through Europe and parading a legendary group of musicians through the band that would later wind up with titan artists such as Hammerfall, Motorhead, Scorpions and Europe – it’s tough to not be excited and just scream out  - they are a Glam Metal fantasy gone wild.

We don't need to do much more talking on this release as the music stands all on its own. We will say this though, do yourself a favor and grab your copy of this unbelievable find today - bands like this did not come around very often and we are thrilled that we finally get to unleash their madness onto the world!

The CD is digitally remastered and comes packaged in an 8 page booklet with a full set of lyrics along with a 1,500 word biography penned from GEISHA lead man himself - Yenz.

Highly addictive and highly recommended listening!

This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and exclusively available from The DDR Music Group.