Demolition City Saints 'Lords Of The Wasteland'

Demolition City Saints 'Lords Of The Wasteland'

Tragedy Academy Records

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Catalog # TAR001
UPC # 680044883700
Label: Tragedy Academy Records
1. Crash City
2. Needle Damage
3. Watch Me Melt
4. Go Baby Go
5. Systematic Way
6. Waiting For You
7. Self Destruction
8. Hooligans Prayer

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Every once and a while we come across a band we love but may not fit exactly into the Sleaze or Hair Metal genres. This female fronted band definitely rocks hard and should not be overlooked as one of the better releases of 2018! Imagine the the Go Go's on steroids (if you dare) - get a copy while supplies last. This is not a Demon Doll Release, so we do not have our usual large quantities. 

This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and available for a limited time @ Demon Doll Records.


"Demolition City Saints have recently unleashed their debut album, Lords Of The Wasteland, onto the world, and it’s currently one of the best surprises of 2018. I hadn’t heard of them until a few days ago, and now I’m completely hooked."

"t’s a superb, filler-free debut that’s easily enjoyed in its entirety"

"Arguably the song on this record which is the most likely to be a hit and gatecrash the mainstream is "Go Baby Go", with its Glam Rock stomp and extremely catchy chorus. It’s like Blondie, Garbage, and Joan Jett all rolled into one!"

"Waiting For You takes the band into a slightly more ‘Classic Rock’ direction with some huge, effect-soaked guitar riffs."


"Demolition City Saints etch out a nice musical landscape all their own with the vocal attack of Melody Black and Baby Strange. Their crystal clear vocals and undeniably pop-infused hooks sink deep within you. Along with the fierce, metal guitars and punk attitude, the vocal approach plays perfectly as an undeniable nod reminiscent of Blondie"

"If you are in the mood for something that will make you throw up the devil horns, bang your head but move you and leave you chanting along, there is no doubt this is the album for you."

-Alt. Nation

"‘Go Baby Go’ comes next and is one of my high lights on the record. The bubblegum pop chorus recalling songs from the past with the classic rock n roll verses putting the emphasis on the great vocals...The catchiness reminds me a bit of something the Runaways would have crafted, and, if you don’t find yourself randomly singing this to yourself throughout the day, you are a stronger person than me. ‘Systematic Way’ again brings the Go-Go’s to mind with the vocal melodies at times reminding me of their old song ‘Vacation’... The powerful ‘Waiting for You’ roars out of the speakers and should be a huge hit."

- Uber Rock