Chinatown Angels 'Chinatown Angels' Wallet Packaging

Chinatown Angels 'Chinatown Angels' Wallet Packaging

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1. Nasty
2. Gun Shy
3. You Really Ain't That Young
4. Heartless City
5. Shot Full Of Rock N' Roll (Live)
6. Gun Shy (Live)
7. Black On Black (Live)
8. Destroyed (Live)
9. Heartless City (Live)
10. Walkin' Disaster (Live)
11. Damaged Case (Live)
12. 25 To Life (Live)
13. Dirty White Boy (Live)
14. You Really Aint That Young (Live)
15. Nasty (Live)

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Anyone up for some Bon Scott seventies era AC/DC? 

I know we are and CHINATOWN ANGELS answer the call with their own version of it!

Blistering a path forward following in the steadfast footsteps of Angus and company, the band assaults the mind with riff after riff from a special time gone by. The singer’s ability to get in that Bon Scott frame of mind is a glory to be held.

The first time we heard "Nasty", we could not get it out our heads for a week, that's when we knew we had to release the ultimate collection of all their works on one disc.

We proudly present the above mentioned "Nasty", as well as the studio tracks "Gun-Shy", "You're Really Ain't That Young" and "Heartless City".

If that were not enough we've got their entire 11 song live set (and this a serious recorded through the board recording that sounds great) and the band is so tight you wouldn't even know it was live if not for the crowd noise.

Jump on board the CHINATOWN ANGELS train, we certainly have.

This CD is officially licensed from the band, a professionally packaged CDR and now available exclusively at Demon Doll Records.