Tramp 'Classy Trash'

Tramp 'Classy Trash'

DDR Music Group/ Metal Legacy

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Catalog # DDR169/ML061
UPC # 749350422383
Label: DDR Music Group/Metal Legacy
1. Fire
2. Take Me Home Tonight
3. Lucky Man
4. Don’t Talk to Strangers
5. Going to the Top
6. Just Another Lonely Night
7. Running Away from Love
8. Hot Summer Nights
9. Bad Boyz
10. I Never Touched Her
11. Can’t Believe the Night is Over

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Who is Tramp? Tramp was a San Francisco bay-area band that exploded onto the hard-rock world in the mid-80’s. As part of the same scene that launched Y&T, Metallica and Tesla among others, they went from unknown to headlining act in less than a year. Started by guitarist Phil Saunders in 1983 with local area vocalist Jeff Davis, the two shared a similar vision for melodic hard-rock/glam-pop band that focused on great songs and a dynamic live show. They recruited Marcus Miller on bass, found drummer Michael Shepp from an ad in BAM magazine and rounded out the group with guitarist John Marquez who was just coming up in the scene.

Tramp recorded a single of the songs “Fire” and “Going to the Top”, hard rock scorchers that got them noticed immediately. Their popularity continued to grow as they landed opening spots for touring headliners like Quiet Riot, Great White, Vandenberg, and local favorites Y&T. Their performances were legendary; high-energy, loud and a visual spectacle that included Michael lighting his drum-kit on fire!

Tramp was now at a creative high-point. They recorded some pre-production demos of the songs “Take Me Home Tonight”, “Bad Boys” and “I Never Touched Her";. This featured their newer more melodic sound similar to Cheap Trick and the New York Dolls. Tramp had gained headlining status and quickly went back into the studio to capture their latest songs which really solidified the sound of the band. Going into Hyde Street studios in San Francisco with producer John Cuniberti (of Joe Satriani fame), they recorded the anthemic “Lucky Man”, the power ballad “Just Another Lonely Night” and concert favorite “Hot Summer Nights”. This demo got them noticed by national press and industry people who short listed them as the next big thing to watch out for. Want to know what all the excitement was about? Listen to the record!

They began selling out venues and rising to the top of the scene but without proper management tensions within the group grew. In 1986 Jeff announced that he was going to audition for the L.A. band Candy (featuring Gilby Clarke, later of Guns N' Roses). The remaining four members decided they would continue on without him. They moved forward with their bassist Marcus now covering the lead vocal duties and worked on a few of Phil's songs that had a more mainstream rock feel. They went back to the studio and recorded “Don’t Keep Running Away”, “Don’t Talk to Strangers” and “Can’t Believe the Night is Over” with Marcus singing lead vocals and featuring keyboards more prominently in their sound.

Now the entire Tramp catalog is available on one album, TRAMP “Classy Trash” from DRR Music Group. The collection includes everything from the first single to the Hyde street recordings, even the never before released pre-production

A MUST have record for any Glam fan and collector.

The album comes digitally remastered and is packaged in an 8 page booklet with a full set of lyrics.

This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and exclusively available from The DDR Music Group.