It's The Pigs 'It's The Pigs'

It's The Pigs 'It's The Pigs'

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1. My Fault
2. Let Go
3. Last Chance, Not Again
4. My Ambition
5. Riot
6. Bitch About
7. War
8. Big Time
9. I Have It All
10. So Much Better
11. Put Down
12. Forced
13. Don't Talk To Nobody

The debut full length CD from IT'S THE PIGS featuring ex members of SWINGIN' THING (Chris Penketh, Sunny Phillips & Mike Penketh). With an equal dosing of Black Flag, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Suicidal Tendencies, this Los Angeles four piece deliver a sonic landscape relative to a modern day Molotov cocktail.

This album is sliver pressed and now available through Demon Doll Records. Limited quantities