Glamour Punks 'Can't Fake The Punk'

Glamour Punks 'Can't Fake The Punk'

Demon Doll Records

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1. Nasty
2. Kill The Clown
3. Join Our Sick Religion
4. Follow Me
5. Thorazine Shuffle
6. Trauma in 208
7. Troubled Boy
8. H.H.B. (Hollywood Homicide Babies)
9. Dance
10. Punks Not Dead
11. U Should Be
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The Glamour Punks, yes, the one and only GLAMOUR PUNKS!! The sickest and nastiest bad boy punks to ever walk the Sunset Strip have finally released there first CD- "Can't Fake The Punk!"

Demon Doll Records and Lead Singer ManD have teamed up and unlocked the Glam & Sleaze vaults on the Glamour Punks first studio recordings from 20 years ago! No Glamour Punks material has ever been released on CD before now! Nasty, raw, rude and in your face, the Glamour Punks deliver a kick to the head with the smash songs, "Nasty", "Hollywood Homicide Babies", "Kill That Clown", "Join Our Sick Religion and more. This 11 song CD is silver pressed and officially licensed from the band. Grab a bottle of Jim Beam and let this CD melt your brain!