Cats In Boots 'Kicked and Klawed' with Bonus Track 2012 Reissue

Cats In Boots 'Kicked and Klawed' with Bonus Track 2012 Reissue

Demon Doll Records

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1. Shot Gun Sally
2. Nine Lives (Save Me)
3. Her Monkey
4. Whip it Out
5. Long, Long Way From Home
6. Coast to Coast
7. Every Sunrise
8. Evil Angel
9. Bad Boys are Back
10. Judas Kiss
11. Heaven on a Heartbeat
12. Tokyo Screamin'

Front man extraordinaire Joel Ellis and Demon Doll Records have teamed up once again to bring you one of the best Hair Metal releases of the 80's! The 2012 reissue of Cats In Boots epic CD 'Kicked & Klawed' is now available! Silver pressed & digitally remasterd, this album is flat out slammin'!!

The 2012 version includes the very hard to find bonus track "Tokyo Screamin’" and our (and Joel's) number one goal was to bring this record to you at an affordable price, and we are proud to say we have done just that!

Get all 12 mind shattering and electrifying classics including the MTV Headbangers Ball hits "Shot Gun Sally" & "Her Monkey" for the outstanding price of $12.99! This is pure Hair Metal candy for the ears!

Grab your copy today! Shipping worldwide! MADE LOUD TO PLAY LOUD!