Agent X 'Rock 'N' Roll Angels'

Agent X 'Rock 'N' Roll Angels'

Demon Doll Records

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1. Chasing The Night
2. Rock 'N' Roll Angels
3. Run If You Can
4. Out On The Streets
5. Hard Road To Heaven
6. Falling In Love

Are you ready?!?! 24 years and the wait is over!

We are cracking open the vault once again to unleash yet another Hollywood Hair Metal beast!

Going all the way back to 1987, we have struck more gold with a band that deserves its place among Sunset Strip lore. Demon Doll Records and Jailhouse singer Danny Simon have teamed up to finally deliver AGENT X to your door with their six song CD 'Rock 'N' Roll Angels'!

Partially produced by Rock legend Kim Fowley of Kiss & Runaways fame and fronted by singer extraordinaire Danny Simon, Agent X delivers a six song masterpiece that could have easily found its way onto the 80's soundtrack of our lives. The material is loaded with killer hooks and melodies that one can only raise the Hair Metal flag and salute!

This CD was well worth the wait as they unveil the classics, "Chasing The Night", "Run If You Can", "Falling In Love" "Hard Road To Heaven", "Out On The Streets" as well as the jaw dropping KNAC radio magnet "Rock 'N' Roll Angels"! This album simply hits the nail on the head and does not disappoint!

The band should have been huge and should have been famous, but now they are all ours to enjoy! So sit back and peel the label off the Jim Beam bottle as we are headed to back to the streets of Los Angeles - everybody stand up and shout!

This album is silver pressed, officially licensed from singer Danny Simon and is exclusively available @!