Glorious Bankrobbers 'Glorious Bankrobbers' 2017 Reissue

Glorious Bankrobbers 'Glorious Bankrobbers' 2017 Reissue

Demon Doll/ Metal Legacy Records

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1. Psycho A**hole
2. Too Much
3. More And More
4. Young Alcoholic "Part 1"
5. Did You No Wrong
6. Jamie
7. The Best Speed (Is Rock 'N' Roll)
8. Wild 'N' Free
9. Young Alcoholic "Part 2"
10. Blood Shed Twist

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Demon Doll and Metal Legacy Records have teamed up with GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS to unleash their 1984 epic debut album. There may have been a bootleg version of this at one time but this is the only official version of this album to ever be released on CD.

Close in style and nature to their Finnish counterparts Hanoi Rocks, the GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS 1984 release would spawn a generation of Hard Rock bands that would follow in their footsteps including the Hellacopters and Hardcore Superstar.

If one has ears, one can hear why with ease, as the album is brimming from top to bottom with infectious Hard Rock/Punk styled anthems that will get stuck in your head for days. Dig into the killer tracks ‘Young Alcoholic Part 1". "Jamie", "Blood Shed Twist" as well as the album opener "Psycho A**hole" and you may need a tank of oxygen because these Glam Rockers are bringing it big time!

Inspired by Motley Crue's 'Too Fast For Love", we feel as though the boys got the vibe pretty close with a whole lot of Rock 'N' Roll and whole lot of piss and vinegar. So cue of the CD player or cue your playlist as the GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS are back and taking names, we're just glad we're on their good side!

This reissue has been completely restored and remastered by Lance V. and comes with an entire set of lyrics packaged in an eight page booklet. It also includes a short bio of the band.

Highly addictive and highly recommended listening!

This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and exclusively available from Demon Doll Records.