Doll 'Rock 'N Roll Freak Show'

Doll 'Rock 'N Roll Freak Show'

Demon Doll Records

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1. Rock 'N Roll Freak Show
2. 7 Minutes In Heaven
3. Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz
4. 'Til Death Do Us Part
5. A Child Shall Lead
6. The Kind They Love To Hate
7. After The Fire
8. Little White Lies
9. Max Madness
10. The Animal In Me
11. Live Until We Die
12. Electroshock
13. Partners In Crime
14. Wild Angels
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Get ready to Glam & Roll - the circus is coming to town!

Eighties Hollywood shock rockers Kery Doll, Aeriel Stiles, Michael Hannon (Salty Dog, Dangerous Toys) and Philip Geldray are back and better than ever!

Demon Doll Records have proudly teamed up with some of L.A.'s original Glam Metal pioneers to release the long awaited, new DOLL CD – ‘Rock 'N Roll Freak Show’ - and the freak show is here to stay!!

Their stage theatrics were outrageous - featuring blood, guts, fire, smoke, bombs, shotguns, decapitations and coffins;

Their look was over the top, landing them somewhere between KISS and a bondage parlor;

Their band members were top notch including the likes of CC DeVille (Poison), Gilby Clarke (Guns n Roses), Steven Darrow (Hollywood Rose/Guns n Roses), Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper), and current member Aeriel Stiles;

Their sound is electric, spanning influences from early Judas Priest, Gary Glitter, Mott the Hoople, Alice Cooper, Sweet and early Motley Crue.

The songs are infectious, including the slamming title track “Rock 'N Roll Freak Show”, along with the original versions of "Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz" and "Wild Angels". Also included are songs from the 1983 EP 'Til Death Do Us Part' with a duet between Kery and Grammy® nominated singer Lydia Salnikova (Bering Strait). These guys have taken this to a whole new level that will shake your shock rock foundations to the ground.

The album is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and available @ So grab your copies today! Shipping worldwide!