Champagne Suicide 'Dreams Screams Outrage'

Champagne Suicide 'Dreams Screams Outrage'

Demon Doll Records

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1. Sex In The U.S.A.
2. I Smell Cindy
3. Flower For You
4. Panic Panic (90's Love Child)
5. Date Rape Barbie
6. Young Punks

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Terrorizing the streets of New York City, Glam & Sleaze bad boys Champagne Suicide made Hell's Kitchen & Alphabet City their stomping grounds for the better part of the early nineties. They lived on the edge and died on the edge while grinding peroxide and punk into a molotov cocktail that ignited a passion rarely seen from bands in this day in age.

Blaring Marshalls, earth shattering bass and a singer that could give any vocalist a run for their money – this set the foundation for 6 jaw dropping songs that now encompass their first release 'Dreams Screams Outrage'.

Officially licensed from original founding members Troy Nations, Derek Kennedy and Lance V., Champagne Suicide deliver the goods with the classics "Sex In The U.S.A.", "I Smell Cindy", "Flower For You", "Panic Panic, "Young Punks" and "Date Rape Barbie". After months of re-mastering the material and putting the artwork together, we are all in agreement the late lead singer and front man Chester Olsefsky (who unfortunately passed away in 1994) would be very proud of this package.If not for the passing of Chester and the change in musical climate, Champagne Suicide would have made the charts their permanent home for many years. Here is your chance to see what all the fuss is about!This album is silver pressed and includes a personal letter from guitarist Derek Kennedy in the linear notes.