Beggars Ball 'Fight This Town' 2015 Reissue

Beggars Ball 'Fight This Town' 2015 Reissue

Demon Doll Records

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1. Low Life Blues
2. Starbanger
3. Live Out Loud
4. Fight This Town
5. Life In A Lie
6. Deadman's Lullabye
7. American Vocal
8. Demon Seed
9. Anti-Hero
10. Famous N' Filthy

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Demon Doll Records and ex Jetboy and current Beautifully Demolished front man D.K. Revelle have teamed up with guitarist Eddie Brnabic to bring you a lethal dose of Sunset Strip Rock N' Roll with the remastered 2015 reissue of BEGGARS BALL'S ‘Fight This Town’.

Chances are if you were cruising Hollywood back in the mid 2000's and you loved dirty, sleazy Hard Rock then you probably would have come across the boys with the ferocious sound and even more ferocious lifestyle - They didn't just play the music - they lived the music.

BEGGARS BALL didn't have the notion that Rock was dead in Hollywood; they were one of the only bands pumping life back into it. Slowly but surely they built a steady following through their intoxicating shows at the Whisky A Go Go, The Dragonfly, The Cat Club and The Roxy(to name a few) which always led to the crowd standing in unison singing the BEGGARS BALL anthem 'Low Life Blues' as they closed their set. These guys brought it and brought it with style!

Crank this CD up and we will personally guarantee a call from the neighbors, crank the knob off on tracks live "Famous N' Filthy", "Starbanger" and "Live Out Loud" - you will surely get a sense that someone threw the John Corabi version of Motley Crue into a blender with Black Label Society and Junkyard! It surely would seem delicious and sounds even better. If you are looking for some serious tunes - then look no further - these guys are here to Rock your face off!!

Highly recommended listening!!!

This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and exclusively available @ Demon Doll Records. Shipping Worldwide!