Killingbird 'Kilingbird'

Killingbird 'Killingbird'

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1. Not Long Dead
2. Cocaine Tongue
3. Down From My Cloud
4. Just Like Heaven
5. Hitch A Ride
6. Maybe I'm Afraid
7. Little Flower
8. Sometimes You're Strange
9. Better Day
10. Outta Mind
11. Slip
12. I Was So Wrong

Debut album from Hollywood Sleaze Rockers KILLINGBIRD.

These guys simply kick ass and there is no way around it. The arrival of KILLINGBIRD was a breath of fresh air in Hollywood as these guys kicked all the clowns to the curb and delivered a style of Rock that sent crowds into a frenzy! The old school kind of Rock that reminded people of Faster Pussycat with a bit more of a snarl! The boys played, they recorded, they got wasted and they conquered!

For those of you not lucky enough to see these Sleaze Rockers in action, grab a hold of this CD now because as the years pass, they will be remembered and will be highly regarded for taking the streets of Hollywood back for a little while and showing us what Los Angeles was all about all over again!

Highly recommended listening!

The CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.