Zero Down 'Good Times At The Gates Of Hell' - Digipak

Zero Down 'Good Times At The Gates Of Hell' - Digipak

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1. Good Times At The Gates Of Hell
2. Firebird 76
3. American Dream
4. Loud, Proud and Evil
5. Fistful Of Dynamite
6. Knotty Pine
7. Die Wasted
8. White Witch
9. Bolt In A Bottle
10. Sweet Thing

"...this album does well to convey the "rocking" feeling. The songs are written in a way that would get most listeners swaying their heads for at least some moments. The guitar work isn't extreme at all, but it's sometimes hard to go past those old school riffs that here still seem quite solid. Zero Down's music is also rather solo-filled so technical enthusiasts will have something to appreciate...The vocals are the main feature that is distinguishing in Good Times At The Gates Of Hell though. Zero Down has vocal contributions from every member of the band on this release except for their drummer so there's a lot of variety in the vocal department. There's some Rob Halford (Judas Priest, Halford) type higher note stuff and also some deeper voiced signing backing up nicely. There are lots of occasions with group harmonised signing too and having the group shouting forth lyrics is one of the highlights of this release.....Best listened to on a night when you want to "rock it old school" preferably mixed in with the classics."

- Metal Storm

The CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records