Vains Of Jenna 'Lit Up / Let Down'

Vains Of Jenna 'Lit Up Let Down' Autographed by Lizzy Devine

RLS Records

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1. Don't Give A Damn 
2. Ceased Emotions
3. Hard To Be Vain
4. Lit Up / Let Down
5. Get On The Ride
6. Baby's Got A Secret
7. Noone's Gonna Do It For You
8. Set It Off
9. Noone's Gonna Do It For You (Acoustic)
10. Set It Off (Acoustic)

Debut CD from Glam & Sleaze Rockers VAINS OF JENNA.

This album brings the pure brash attitude of Vains Of Jenna straight into your face! Full of piss and vinegar, the boys slam out some great tracks including "Noone's Gonna Do It For You", "Don't Give a Damn" and "Baby's Gotta Secret" to name a few. Also includes a second version of two songs done acoustically. Highly recommended listening.

This CD is a professionally packaged CDR and is now available @ Demon Doll Records.