USED Cream Pie '10 Years Of'

USED Cream Pie '10 Years Of'

Demon Doll Records

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1. Tiger
2. See Ya Later
3. The Evil Inside
4. Such A Psycho
5. No Love Remains
6. Bad Habits
7. Missin' You
8. Fall To Rise Again
9. Leave In Coma
10. Long Leader
11. Whore
12. Zip It
13. Tokyo Nightz
14. Electric Blue
15. Face To Face
16. Love Is Blind
17. So Bad
18. Hot Sensation
19. Hungry For Mayhem

Demon Doll Records has teamed up with bad boy Sleaze Rockers CREAM PIE to unleash the brand new decade spanning 19 song CD 'Ten Years of Cream Pie'. Jam packed to the brink and oozing with every aspect of Glam and Sleaze, the boys unleash a fury of high pitched screams and screeching guitar solos that would make any fan weak in the knees.

 Crank up the killer songs "Tiger", "Bad Habits" and "The Evil Inside" and you will feel the decadence flow through your veins. The band has even recorded a new track for your listening pleasure "Fall To Rise Again" - to celebrate the new release.

 Grab a copy of 'Tens Years of Cream Pie' today and let the neighbors begin their resistance to the almighty Sleaze Rock heavens! You won't be disappointed!

 This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and now available at Demon Doll Records. Shipping Worldwide!