Tuff 'Live In The U.K.'

Tuff 'Live In The U.K.'

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1. Good Guys Wear Black 
2. God Bless This Mess
3. Spit Like This
4. Ruck-A-Pit Bridge
5. In Dogs We Trust
6. I Hate Kissing You Goodbye
7. So Many Seasons
8. Dead, Jail Or Rock 'N Roll
9. Tied To The Bells
10. The All New Generation
11. Daddy's Money
12. American Hair Band
13. God Bless This Mess (From KNAC.com)
14. Good Guys Wear Black (From KNAC.com)
15. American Hair Band (From KNAC.com)

On a trip to the U.K., TUFF recorded the entire show for our listening pleasure and this release is the labor of that hard work. Another TUFF CD that is loaded from top to bottom with all their classics including "Spit Like This", "Daddy's Money" and "American Hair Band"  as well as a blazing cover of Michael Monroe's "Dead, Jail Or Rock 'N Roll". Also included are outtakes and tracks from the bands visit to KNAC.com.

This CD is a professionally packaged CDR and is now available @ Demon Doll Records.