The Idol Dead 'Dark Little Hearts'

USED The Idol Dead 'Dark Little Hearts'

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1. Blue Skies 
2. Six Feet Under
3. Vampire
4. Dion
5. Hey Girl
6. Bad Fiction
7. I'm Drowning
8. Bleed
9. You Don't Know
10. I Don't Wanna
11. Beautiful Disaster

THE IDOL DEAD are a ten legged, riff-hungry entertainment machine! On their brand new record 'Dark Little Hearts' the band shine in every way possible! Delivering one song catchier then the next with melodies sweeter than sugar-dipped strawberries. THE IDOL DEAD have truly arrived and are at the forefront of the Hard Rock revival. This is one hell of an addictive record and one that every Rock fan should have in their arsenal - to say the least this is very highly recommended listening.

This CD is a professionally packaged CDR and is now available @ Demon Doll Records. Limited