Teenage Casket Company 'Best Kept Secret'

Teenage Casket Company 'Best Kept Secret'

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1. Best Friend Is My Radio
2. Cocaine
3. Dial It Up
4. Down On Luck
5. Thank You For Nothing
6. Mirrors & Wires
7. Don't Look At Me Like That
8.  Believe In You
9. One Thing You Don't Need
10. Eat Your Heart Out
11. Ain't Got Nothin' On Me


Best of compilation release from the U.K.'s TEENAGE CASKET COMPANY.

"Choosing the 10 older tracks to feature on 'Best Kept Secret" can’t have been an easy task, but the chosen ones represent a lethal combination of driving guitars, hooks, soaring chorus’s and pure addictiveness, none better illustrated than Cocaine, pardon the pun..Best Kept Secret pays homage to the punkier, angsty and snarlier side of the band with songs such as "Dial It Up" and "Mirrors & Wires" included. With the bands pedigree of growing up on a diet of 80’s hard rock, it’s no surprise that lead songwriter Rob Wylde can write a killer power ballad, with "Believe In You" featuring all the trademarks of a cigarette lighter love song."

- May The Rock Be With You

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.