Suicide Bombers 'Criminal Record'

USED Suicide Bombers 'Criminal Record'

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1. History Is About To Begin
2. Let's Rock & Roll
3. Easy Access
4. Napalm Heart
5. This Time Tomorrow
6. Smoke & Mirrors
7. High On Explosives
8. Electric Fire
9. Bombers En Vogue
10. Teenage Breakdown
11. Cindy
12. Princess Socialite
13. Riot
14. Over & Motherfu**ing Out

Debut full length release from Sleaze Rockers SUICIDE BOMBERS.

"Fans of sleazy rock n’ roll who aren’t necessarily looking for a reinvention of the wheel will have a drunken riot with Criminal Record (and may even earn one of their own!)

There’s melody galore throughout the album, with Napalm Heart, Smoke & Mirrors and Teenage Breakdown being especially catchy, and there’s nothing here which wouldn’t make a fantastic night played live in your favorite sweat-soaked den of iniquity."

- 100% Rock Magazine

This CD is silver pressed and is now available @ Demon Doll Records.