USED Sleazer 'Sleazer' - Digipak

USED Sleazer 'Sleazer' - Digipak

Demon Doll Records

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1. Shot Of Love
2. Coming To Get You
3. Psycho Bike
4. Into The Madhouse
5. Forever Wild, Forever Young
6. Crazy Gemini
7. Dirty Love

Glam and Sleaze Rockin' bad boys SLEAZER have teamed up with Demon Doll Records to bring you their self titled ass kickin' debut release!

If you’re looking for a Sleaze Rock overdose then you have come to the right place!

Dig into the tracks "Shot Of Love", "Coming To Get You" and "Dirty Love" and you will be dialing 911 before you hit the floor.

Crank this baby loud and proud because SLEAZER is paying homage to their 80's Rock influences and they are doing it right. Catchy choruses, infectious grooves and wailing guitars set the stage for a trip back to the good old days of Rock 'N' Roll. Every word and every note are pulsing with that classic sound we hope will never go away!

All hail the SLEAZER! The boys are just getting started!

This CD is officially licensed from the band, a professionally packaged CDR and now available exclusively at Demon Doll Records. Shipping Worldwide!