USED Sixty-Nine Crash 'Louder!' - Digipak

USED Sixty-Nine Crash 'Louder!' - Digipak

Demon Doll Records

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1. Running Wild In The Night
2. Lost In The Darkness
3. Louder
4. Back Again
5. Wicked
6. Scream N' Shout
7. Everything I Need
8. Dead Inside
9. Wasted In Dreamland
10. Run Away
11. Rebel Yell
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Demon Doll Records has teamed up with Glam Rockers SIXTY-NINE CRASH for the physical CD release of their breakthrough debut album 'Louder!’ - breaking down the doors with their fuel driven Hard Rockin' style, the boys deliver it with nothing but stick in your head songs the likes of "Wasted In Dreamland", "Louder", "Running Wild In The Night" and the album closer "Run Away".

Also included in this exclusive physical edition is the killer bonus track cover of Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell".

If you are looking for what might be the next Glam Rock treasure, then don’t pass up on this chest - open it up and let SIXTY-NINE CRASH shine in their true Hard Rock light! Highly recommended listening!

This CD is officially licensed from the band, a professionally packaged CDR and now available exclusively at Demon Doll Records. Shipping Worldwide!