Rust n' Rage 'Showdown'

Rust n' Rage 'Showdown'

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1. Road To Nowhere 
2. Secret Highways
2. Secret Highways
3. Hotter Than You
4. Locked N' Loaded
5. This Time
6. Hit The Ground
7. Thrill Me
8. Where The Angels Go To Die
9. Hollow Life
10. Sounds Of The City
11. Black Rose

Debut CD from Glam & Sleaze newcomers RUST n' RAGE!

After two demos and three years of furious live performances, these hellraisers have released their debut album, Showdown. It is a fuel-soaked pilgrimage to the neon-lit streets of ultimate decadence. The eleven outlaw anthems deal with the unbearable heat of the night and sleazy she-devils, showing true promise in keeping the glam metal flame alive. You can't take ROCK'N'ROLL from our souls!

The CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records, limited quantity.