Rebelstar 'Rebelstar II'

Rebelstar 'Rebelstar II'

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1. Big, Bang, Boom
2. All For One, One For All
3. Crucify Me
4. Sick M.F.
5. Everyone's A Star Tonight
6. Hollywood Creature
7. Burning Sensation
8. Look But Don't Touch
9. In It For The Money (Rebelstar Vs. Sleeze Beez) [Feat. Sleeze Beez]
10. Love Leaves Scars

Sophomore Release From Hard Rockers REBELSTAR.

Since the release of their debut album in 2010, there is no denying that REBELSTAR proved themselves as a living and breathing rock machine. From sharing the stage with bands like King's X, Helloween and Vicious Rumors as well as playing at the prestigious Masters of Rock festival, the guys set out to put Hard Rock back on the map.

In the summer of 2013 with renewed inspiration, they had only one goal: heading back into the recording studio to top their debut album. The conclusion is they succeeded, and then some!

With 10 brand new songs, REBELSTAR took this album to the next level. With guest appearances by SLEEZE BEEZ’ Andrew Elt and Chriz van Jaarsveld (giving it that undeniable sleezy touch) - this is highly recommended listening from a band on the rise!

This CD is silver pressed and is now available @ Demon Doll Records.