R-A-M-S 'Beaten Up Dogs Don't Dance' Digipak

R-A-M-S 'Beaten Up Dogs Don't Dance' Digipak

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1. Easy Taker
2. Beaten Up Dogs Don't Dance
3. Am I Nominated?
4. The Serious One
5. What Kinda Language Do You Speak?
6. I'm Done With Ding Dong
7. Ain't Good Enough Ain't Bad Enough
8. Low-Paid
9. Try It
10. The Carrot
11. Let's Go for Nothing
12. Private Affair
13. Time Got Ready
14. Change The Team
15. G-O-a-L
16. I Don't Feel Like

Debut Release From Punk Rockers R-A-M-S

This debut album is full of piss and vinegar and if you are a fan of Billy Idol and Generation X (or perhaps the entire British Punk Rock Scene) - this may be right up your alley!

This album is sliver pressed and now available through Demon Doll Records.