Glamnation Vol. 6 'Fresh Blood' Compilation - Digipak

Glamnation Vol. 6 'Fresh Blood' Compilation - Digipak

Demon Doll Records

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1. Addiction - Paradise
2. Browsing Collection - Don't Tell Me
3. Dead City Dolls - Dead City Hustle
4. Down & Dirty - Devil Inside
5. Erotic Psycho - Lost Boyz
6. White Stallion - Fire At Will
7. Roxy Mae - Life in the City
8. Valerie - Love & Affection
9. Siggy Signal - Alive and Kickin'
10. Trench Dogs - Fate, Mistakes and Destiny
11. Nasty Lipstick - Troublemaker
12. Raw Envy - Radio
13. Twisted - Give Me Hell
14. Sassy Society - Don't Mess With The Boys

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 The long awaited sixth installment of the GLAMNATION series 'FRESH BLOOD'.

Just as we started this company many years ago, Demon Doll Records has been scanning the planet for the best up and coming bands in the Glam, Sleaze and Hard Rock genres to deliver to your doorstep on one CD.

We believe we have accomplished our goal with the long awaited release of Glamnation Vol. 6.

Featuring some killer tracks from Glam Rockers Addiction, Trench Dogs, Erotic Psycho, Roxy Mae as well as some sinister Sleaze and Hard Rock from Dead City Dolls, White Stallion, Nasty Lipstick, Twisted and many more!

Hide the women and children and warn the neighbors because Glamnation is back like a vertebrae!

This CD is a professionally packaged CDR and now available exclusively at Demon Doll Records. Shipping Worldwide!