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Chasing Dragons 'Hindsight's A Bitch'

Chasing Dragons 'Hindsight's A Bitch' (Single) CD Jacket Packaging

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1. Hindsight's A Bitch
2. Let Sleeping Lions Lay
3. It's Bravery, Honestly

3 song single from Hard Rockers CHASING DRAGONS.

Rocket fueled female fronted hard rock with Maiden-esqu e guitar riffs, outstanding vocals and songs destined for the masses, CHASING DRAGONS are a band to watch as they continue to dominate the outer cortex of the brain!

“...it's rare that you come across a band with so much commercial potential as Chasing Dragons; I really can see them hitting the dizzying heights of Kerrang! magazine front covers and top 20 album sales..”

- 7/10 - Ashley Battye, Leeds Music Scene 2012

This CDR is packaged in a professionally printed CD Jacket and is now available @ Demon Doll Records.