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Bitch Queens 'Female Shotgun'

Bitch Queens 'Female Shotgun'

LuxNoise Records

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1. Crucial
2. Spotlight Electricity
3. Hooked On Gasoline
4. Back Home (Fuck Home)
5. Female Shotgun
6.  Lipstick Lover
7. Thrill Machine
8. No Good Solutions
9. The Hard Way
10. First Rule
11. Don't Give Me Hell

First full length CD Release from Glamnation alumni BITCH QUEENS.

With mascara and glitter oozing from their veins - their sound isn't just plain 1-2-3-4 Punk Rock; next to the straight beats and three-chord verses there's plenty of room for finesse and talent. Influenced heavily by Motorhead, the Dead Boys and Backyard Babies, BITCH QUEENS do not disappoint in kicking your tail all over the place!

This album is sliver pressed and now available through Demon Doll Records.