Tuff 'What Comes Around Goes Around...Again!'

Tuff 'What Comes Around Goes Around...Again!' - Digipak

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1. Good Guys Wear Black 
2. All New Generation
3. I Hate Kissing You Goodbye
4. So Many Seasons
5. What Comes Around Goes Around
6. Put Out Or Get Out
7. Round 'Em Up
8. Summertime Goodbye
9. Want Trouble - You Got It
10. Down On Sinner Street
11. Forever Yours
12. Ain't Worth A Dime
13. Move Along
14. So Many Seasons (Piano Version)
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TUFF is back and they are bringing it old school! We've waited a long time to see that four letter word back on the top of a CD release and finally here it is - 'What Comes Around Goes Around...Again!' This album smokes and make no mistake about it; Stevie is on his game and taking no prisoners.   This CD has 14 ass kickers that are ready to salute. Everything from "Good Guys Wear Black", "The All New Generation", "So Many Seasons", "Put Or Get Out" and more have been re-recorded to blow your mind! Simply put, the band have outdone themselves and this album is absolutely incredible.

Includes guest appearances from George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), Jamie St. James (Black N' Blue), Michael Raphael (Jailhouse) & Stephen Pearcy (Ratt). So if you love Glam, Sleaze & Hair Metal, we could not recommend a record any more highly then this! Grab your copy today!

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.