Tuff 'Fist First'

Tuff 'Fist First'

RLS Records

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1. Tied To The Bells 
2. In Dogs We Trust
3. Better Off Dead
4. I Like What I See
5. Electric Church
6. Simon Says
7. God Bless This Mess
8. Rattle My Bones
9. Sixteen Tons
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The 1994 iconic release by one of Hollywood's best bands! TUFF puts the pedal to the metal with the release of 'Fist First'. This album is a classic by every means of the word. In our opinion it has some of the Sunset Strip icons finest songs including the mind blowing "Tied to the Bells", "In Dogs We Trust", "Electric Church" and "Rattle My Bones". This has been a CD that has been rattlin' our windows for many years and now we are proud to have it available @ DDR! If you don't own it, grab a copy now! If you do, grab another copy and give it to friend, they will thank you for it later!

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.