Tuff 'Regurgitation'

Tuff 'Regurgitation'

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1. Ain't Worth A Dime 
2. Another Man's Gun
3. Round 'em Up
4. A Place Where Love Can Go
5. Forever Yours
6. Want Trouble You Got It
7. People They Change
8. Don't Complain
9. Follow The Loser
10. In Dogs We Trust
11. God Bless This Mess
12. Spit Like This
13. Stop Pulling My Chain
14. Put Out Or Get Out
15. Alone With You
16. Don't Know Where I'm Going
17. Money Talks
18. School Bell Hell
19. What Comes Around Goes Around

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2000 Release of TUFF 'Regurgitation'

Jam packed with 19 songs of pure unadulterated TUFF! Including studio demos of "Ain't Worth A Dime", "Forever Yours", "Round Em Up", "People They Change" and 4 others as well as the live tracks "Follow The Loser", "In Dogs We Trust", "God Bless This Mess" and "Spit Like This".

If that weren't enough TUFF for you, there are also 7 rehearsal demos from Van Nuys, California! Some of the audio is very raw (but remember they are demos and at that time the only tape that was left of these versions). If you can't get enough TUFF - then this is a must have CD for you!

This CD is silver pressed and is now available @ Demon Doll Records..