Jim Gillette 'Proud To Be Loud'

Jim Gillette 'Proud To Be Loud'

RLS Records

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1. When The Clock Strikes 12
2. Head On
3. Angel In White
4. Flash Of Lightning
5. Proud To Be Loud
6. Never Say Never
7. Nitro (Guitar Solo)
8. Red Hot Rocket Ride
9. Make Me Crazy
10. Show Down
11. Mirror Mirror
12. Bitch On My Back
13. Organ Donor
14. Out Of Time
15. Six Feet Deep
16. Dr. Monster
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Reissue of 1987's 'Proud To Be Loud' by legendary vocalist JIM GILLETTE (Nitro). If you like you your Glam Rock hard and sleazy, then trust us when we tell you that this needle spikes the vain - and spikes it hard! With tracks like "Bitch On My Back","Flash of Lightning" and "Red Hot Rocket Ride", there is no turning back when this record hits the speakers. This 16 track disc is chock full of earth shattering vocals and slammin' Glam & Sleaze Rock at it's finest.

This CD is silver pressed and is now available @ Demon Doll Records.