Addiction For Destruction 'Neon Light Resurrection'

Addiction For Destruction 'Neon Light Resurrection'

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1. My Resistance
2. Rock 'N Roll For You
3. On My Needle
4. Neon Light Resurrection
5. Nervous Breakdown
6. Jane Is Insane
7. Jaded Heart
8. Feelin' Fine
9. Can't Wait
10. (I Don't Care) Your Nothing

Like a freight train rolling, Addiction For Destruction hits the tracks hard bringing a heavy dose of Sleaze Rock your way. With such killer tracks as "Feelin' Fine" and "My Resistance", there is no loss of punch and aggression on their debut album 'Neon Light Resurrection' - as the title suggests, the band may be on to something with a Sleaze Rock resurrection of their own. If you have a passion for Shotgun Messiah's 'Second Coming', this disc will be right up your dark and dirty alley!

The CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.