Vitne 'Video Collection 2009-2015' DVD

Vitne 'Video Collection 2009-2015' DVD

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This DVD consists of the following videos:

01. SEKS – The Music Industry’s Favorite Trainwreck (Original short film)
02. Charlemagne (SEKS)
03. Untamed Heart of Rock N’ Roll (Hart)
04. Goin’ Down (Hart)
05. Rock Me (Hart)
06. Not Far From Shallow Water (Vitne)
07. Destroyer (Vitne)
08. Silhouette (Vitne)
09. Nasty Habit (Vitne)
10. Rest in Peace (Vitne)
11. Wide Awake (Unreleased Concept Video) (Vitne)
12. Endless Blue (Vitne)
Bonus Contents:
01. First ever SEKS announcement from 2009
02. Smoking Run
03. SEKS’ pre-show warm-up ritual
04. SEKS live in Norway for the first time ever

This DVD is a professionally packaged DVDR and works in all DVD players and zones. It is now available @ Demon Doll Records.