Quiet Riot 'Rehab'

Quiet Riot 'Rehab'

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1. Free
2. Blind Faith
3. South Of Heaven
4. Black Reign
5. Old Habits Die Hard
6. Strange Daze
7. In Harms Way
8. Beggars And Thieves
9. Don't Think
10. It Sucks To Be You
11. Evil Woman

Eleventh studio release from "Metal Health' legends QUIET RIOT.

"As of their 2006 release, 'Rehab', band members include singer Kevin DuBrow and drummer Frankie Banali, who are now joined by guitarist Neil Citron and bassist Tony Franklin. Despite the constant lineup fluctuation, the group's anthemic, party hearty metal style still remains. Album opener "Free" shows that DuBrow's voice still sounds identical to the group's Metal Health days, "South of Heaven" has an unmistakable Zeppelin-esque flair, while ex-Deep Purple member Glenn Hughes lends a hand in the songwriting and backing vocals on a few tracks. From front to back, all the trademark Quiet Riot elements remain in place on 'Rehab'"

-All Music

 This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.