Pump 'Sonic Extasy'

Pump 'Sonic Extasy'

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1. Ready, Aim & Fire
2. Testify
3. Low Life In The Fast Lane
4. Never
5. Couldn't Care Less
6. Kiss Of Voodoo
7. Don't Get Mad Get Even
8. Burning Light
9. Ain't Got Enough
10. All I Could Bleed
11. Long Road to Nowhere
12. Cry for the Moon


Forth Studio Release from Hard Rockers PUMP.

PUMP is a German hard rock band formed in 2002 fronted by ex-"Brainstorm" lead singer Markus Jurgens. 'Sonic Ecstasy' is their latest studio album which finds the band still on the 80s hard rock path; So you can expect thick guitar riffs, copious amounts of groovy rhythmic and loud choruses.
Their sound is unmistakably American 80s rock referencing directly "Skid Row" and "Tesla".
The guys have really caught the essence of US Hard Rock demonstrating the macho biker attitude on each and every song of "Sonic Ecstasy". If you are into 80s -`easy rider'- hard rock PUMP is the ideal proposition.

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.