Pump 'Breakdown To Breakthrough'

Pump 'Breakdown To Breakthrough'

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1. Revolution On My Mind
2. Blood On The Blade
3. Higher
4. Save Me
5. I Can't Deny
6. How Does It Feel?
7. Alright Now
8. Headstrong
9. Bulletride
10. Heaven High
11. Who Made You A Madman?
12. Bulletride (Demo Version)
13. Heaven High (Demo Version)
14. Higher (Demo Version)


Third studio release from Hard Rockers PUMP.

"PUMP puts the emphasis on heavy...with tight songwriting and production that fits it nicely into 2006. The vocals are of the raw breed, but carry a melodic merit that not only fits the music nicely, it's perhaps one of the most impressive qualities heard here.

"Blood on the Blade" sounds so much like a Priest song (in a good way) in both heavy catchiness and guitar solo...These are very radio-friendly songs, as heavy as some of them are...Upon first listen PUMP rocks, the overall raw and heavy energy peaking my interest...they can put together some damn good tunes..."

-Ultimate Metal

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.