Pump 'Against Everyone's Advise'

Pump 'Against Everyone's Advise'

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1. Dangerous
2. Inside Out
3. Wasted
4. It's To Late
5. Reckless
6. Shake
7. No Fight - No Glory
8. No Fool Like You
9. I'm Free
10. Waiting For The Moment
11. Heaven Cries (Blood Red Skies)
12. Reckless (Demo Version)
13. Wasted (Demo Version)

Sophomore release from Hard Rockers PUMP.

This is a German band that plays hard rock in the American way and does it really well! The thing is that the more I listen to the album the more I like it! It must be this amazing work on the guitars, with the imaginative solos and bridges that make it distinct from other similar releases.
Straight hard rock in the path of bands like Skid Row, Pretty Maids and Pink Cream 69 (of the old days). And to be honest I like this CD much more than the latest works of the aforementioned bands. Another plus for the group is the amazing production by Tommy Newton. Ah by the way I should also mention that the singer here is Markus Jurgens (x-Brainstorm).
I strongly suggest you to listen to the whole album and not only a couple of songs – it’s a really good one. The CD is full of “on the road” feeling...

- Grand Rock

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.