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Hart 'The Conqueror'

Hart 'The Conqueror'

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1. Goin' Down
2. Lay it on Me
3. Hotter than Hell
4. 25 to Love
5. Untamed Heart of Rock N' Roll
6.  Neon Dreams
7. Love Crime
8. Wide Awake
9. Slave
10. Scream and Shout
11. The Conqueror
12. Rock Me
13. Anchorage
14. Wild Streets (Demo)

Debut CD from HART!

As one of the few solo artists in the glam metal scene, Hart is hard at work keeping the glam metal genre alive and well.  His greatest goal is to excite people about the new music still being released in the genre, and to help support the thriving scene.  It might be a small genre, especially compared to mainstream pop, but it's a genre that has its diehard loyal fans, loud and proud and HART is just the band to blow off the doors and bring glam metal back to the searing spotlight it so rightfully deserves.

Like the album says, HART is a conqueror, and you're all invited as HART heeds the call to lead glam on a glorious journey, straight to the wild, untamed HART of rock and roll!

The CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.