Distorted Wonderland 'Distorted Wonderland'

Distorted Wonderland 'Distorted Wonderland'

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1. Raised On Rock N Roll
2. Losing It
3. Slave Of My Desire
4. In For A Thrill
5. Never Had Nothing
6. Behind The Scenes
7. Waving The Flag
8. Stand And Deliver
9. Guillotine Babies
10. On The Horizon
11. Tangerine

 Debut release from Hard Rockers DISTORTED WONDERLAND.

Toughening up the glam sound their previous band was known for, ex-Overnight Sensation singer Olof Lindgren and bassist Axel Karlsson have come back with DISTORTED WONDERLAND, whose self-titled debut album evokes the big choruses of the 1980s without sounding too dated. Guitarist Fredrik Lundstedt has a lot to do with that, playing thick, bluesy riffs and solos that add a considerable amount of grit....

There are definitely echoes of glam, particularly in the album's opener, "Raised On Rock n' Roll," which falls somewhere between Motley Crue and Motorhead on the heaviness scale....As debut albums go — especially those from members of established acts looking to try something new — DISTORTED WONDERLAND'S first disc isn't a bad start."

- Metal Underground

This CD is silver pressed and now available @ Demon Doll Records.